Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Good morning, my friends! Here are Tuesday's CCNA, CCNP, Network+, and Security+ practice questions for today!


Express the following hex value in dotted decimal: F7


What is the prefix length of the mask used for Class B private addresses?

A. /8

B. /12

C. /16

D. /20

E. /24

F. /32


Once a cable modem is powered on, what's the first thing it needs to do?

A. Acquire a SYNC signal

B. Acquire a RF signal

C. Acquire a MAP signal

D. Acquire a QAM LOCK signal


A switch is running Uplinkfast. The original root port has gone down and now come back up. Assuming the switch is running all default settings, how long will it be before this port becomes the root again?

A. 100 - 300 milliseconds

B. 1 - 3 seconds

C. 30 - 35 seconds

D. 120 - 150 seconds

E. That port won't become the root again.


Which of the following statements is NOT one of the activities at the distribution layer of the Cisco Three-Layer Hierarchical Model?

A. traffic filtering

B. policy routing

C. internet access

D. end user / network interaction

E. address aggregation / summarization


Short answer: What troubleshooting model are you using if your first step is to examine the routing table?

I'll see you later today with the answers to yesterday's questions, and who knows what else!

To your certification exam success,

Chris Bryant
CCIE #12933

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