CCNA Tip Time!

When you change a router's OSPF RID, you have to do one of two things to make that change take effect:

1.  Reload the router

2.  Clear the OSPF process

The router will remind you of this, as shown here. The exam will not.  : ) 

A new CCNA 200-125 and 200-301 practice exam for you:

CCNA Flash Card Practice Exam: OSPF Adjacencies

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The CCNA 200-125 deadline is still 44 days away, giving you plenty of time to get that sucker passed -- and these free exams will help you get it done!

These exams are also excellent study material for the upcoming CCNA 200-301 exam.

CCNA And CCENT 200-301 200-125 Practice Exams

There will be a new practice exam posted there EVERY DAY until the deadline.  See you there -- every day!

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#CCNA Tip:

Even if a Cisco switch hasn't learned any MAC addresses dynamically AND you haven't entered any static entries, its MAC address table isn't quite empty.

In this case, there are 20 other entries -- all for the CPU.   Good stuff to know.  : ) 

See you later today with another handy CCNA tip!
CCNA AM Practice Exam Time!
August 5, 2019
You just enabled OSPF on a Cisco router Serial interface. What is the default OSPF priority of that interface?
A.   Zero
B.   One
C.   There is no default OSPF interface priority.
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CCNA 200-125 and 200-301 Practice Exam:  OSPF Fundamentals

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Chris Bryant's CCNA 200-125 Flash Cards

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An important EIGRP unequal-cost load balancing lab for you:
CCNA And CCNP Tutorial:  EIGRP Unequal-Cost Load Balancing
More to come later today, including a new CCNA practice exam!