I'm baaaaack! (hopefully someone noticed I was gone : ) ) Your first free # CCNA Bulldog Practice Exam for today covers important OSPF DR and BDR concepts... and here it is! CCNA Practice Exam: The DR And BDR Two more free exams for you right here later today, and Network+ practice exams return today as well! Chris B. # Cisco # CCNA # BulldogPracticeExam
Hey Bulldogs!  To lead into next month's release of the Ultimate CCNA Practice Exam, I'm posting a new #CCNA exam every day in Nov and Dec.   Here's the latest on, on IPv6 fundamentals, and I'll have another new one for you later today! CCNA 200-301 Practice Exam:  IP Version 6 Fundamentals See you later today with a new exam and several new YouTube videos! Chris B.
An important CCNA Video Pop Quiz for you on defaults and speed changes.... Dig in -- and when you're done there, subscribe to my YouTube channel -- new CCNA vids posted every day, with CCNP, Network+, and GNS 3 vids on the horizon! Chris Bryant's CCNA YouTube Channel Chris B.
Hey Bulldogs! Here's a CCNA 200-301 Five-Minute Video Boot Camp for you on some OSPF strangeness -- and I'll have a new one for you later today! #Cisco #ChrisBryant #BulldogIt
Hey Bulldogs! Here's a great CCNA 200-301 Practice Exam for you on OSPF adjacencies -- and the issues you might run into with them! CCNA Practice Exam: OSPF Adjacencies See you later today with more! Chris B.
Time for your CCNA Bulldog Practice Exam Question for Tuesday, April 14! You just enabled OSPF on a Cisco router's Serial interface. What is the default OSPF priority of that interface? A. Zero B. One C. 255 D. There isn't one. Answers in text and video on Wednesday! #ChrisBryant #CCNA #BulldogExam #Cisco