Sunday, July 30, 2006

I seem to have had some posts disappear, so once again, here are the answers to Friday's Cisco CCNA and CCNP practice questions!


What are the default criteria used to permit or deny traffic in an extended ACL?

Answer: In an extended ACL, both the source and destination IP addresses will be considered.


What BGP attribute is specifically designed to prevent routing loops?

Answer: The AS_PATH attribute; if a router receives a BGP packet and sees its own AS number in the AS_PATH, that router knows a routing loop has occurred.


What interface-level command would place a port into a mode where it could send or receive data, but not do so simultaneously?

Answer: This describes half-duplex Ethernet, so the correct command will be duplex half.


What form of load balancing uses NAT as its primary mechanism?

Answer: TCP Load Distribution uses NAT.


What command output contains the following TCP and UDP statistics?

UDP statistics:
Rcvd: 0 total, 0 checksum errors, 0 no port
Sent: 2 total, 0 forwarded broadcasts

TCP statistics: Rcvd: 0 total, 0 checksum errors, 0 no port
Sent: 0 total

Answer: That's the partial output of show ip traffic.

I'll have Saturday's answers up in just a few minutes!

Chris Bryant
CCIE #12933

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