Monday, January 23, 2012

Bulldogs, I've got brand-new videos for all of you working on the CCENT, CCNA, CCNP ROUTE, and CCNP TSHOOT exams...

... plus a little something for my CCNP SWITCH 'Dogs!

I've also added five important CCNA video links!

And we're still DOUBLING our contribution to the Central Virginia Food Bank for every DVD and On-Demand course sold in January!

Hiya Bulldogs!

Thanks to your fantastic support of TBA, we're still doubling our donation to the Central Virginia FoodBank -- $20 for each of the following courses sold!

And there's a bonus for you at the other end of each of these links -- you can watch a full hour of each and every course before you spend a dime.

Let's get to today's new videos!

Future CCENTs and CCNAs, you'll really enjoy this video - because we all have to troubleshoot the PC end of our network as well as the routers and switches!   

This combination Video Boot Camp and Practice Exam will remind you of at least one important PC troubleshooting command that you should also know for your exam ... 

... and no worries, we'll do some work on live Cisco routers, too!

I've created quite a few CCNA 3-Minute Video Boot Camps to help you get certified - here are links to just a few of them!

One thing that just drove me crazy when I was studying for the CCNA was keeping all the various passwords straight.   Here's a video to help you do just that!

CCNA Video Boot Camp:  Router Passwords

And speaking of passwords, encrypting them seems easy enough, but there are some important defaults and real-world warnings waiting for you in this video!

CCNA Video Boot Camp:  Encrypting Passwords

The dynamic routing protocols are certainly an important part of your studies, but so is static routing - and here's a great refresher video for you on that topic!

CCNA Video Boot Camp:  Static Routing

Keeping the differences between EIGRP and OSPF is also important for the CCNA exam.  Here's a video on keeping your adjacencies with these protocols - and why you might lose them1

CCNA Video Boot Camp:  EIGRP And OSPF Adjacencies

Now for you CCNPers!

For the CCNP SWITCH exam, here's a video from my YouTube channel that'll definitely help you on the way to a passing score!

And here's something for you CCNP ROUTE and TSHOOT students - a new combination Video Boot Camp and philosophy class!

No, I'm not kidding.  Just watch it.  It's well worth your time!

Here are links to the main CCNP tutorials over on the main site -- over 100 free tutorials, Video Boot Camps, and practice exams ready to help you get certified!

... and click on any of the first two lessons in these CCNP widgets to watch an hour of each course for free!   

Chris Bryant
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"The Computer Certification Bulldog"

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