Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Hiya Bulldogs!

Here are two new CCNA Summer School Sessions for you, along with two CCNP SWITCH tutorials - and I'll be back on Wednesday with a new CCNA 3-Minute Boot Camp and the start of a new series of CCNP SWITCH exam videos, as we get back to posting 100 videos in 100 days!

Here are your CCNA tutorials - and you CCNP candidates should read them, too!

CCNA Exam Tutorial:  RIP Tips For The Exam

CCNA Exam: The Mystery Of The OSPF RID

You're going to see a great deal of HSRP on your CCNP SWITCH exam - I mean, a lot of HSRP  - so lets get you started with a very important HSRP concept!

CCNP SWITCH Tutorial:  HSRP Interface Tracking

This isn't a common command, but after finishing up the VLAN material for my upcoming CCNP SWITCH Study Guide today, I can tell you that you're going to see a lot of it... so get comfortable with it now.

CCNP SWITCH Tutorial:  "show interface switchport"


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