Monday, March 02, 2009

Hi Group! :)

Hope those of you being hit by this big snowstorm here in the U.S. are well! We have about eight inches of snow here in Central Virginia, but the power's on, and that's fine with me!

Be sure to scroll down in the blog - I posted several new Cisco training videos here and on the main website over the last week, links can be found below.

I have over 100 new videos on the way - that's right, over 100 videos - that will be posted in March, April, and May.

That includes new CCNA Voice material as well as my Cisco Certification Video Training Resource Page!

Quite a few of you have asked for more details regarding the CCNA Mastermind Online Webinar - well, I heard you! I've just added additional information to that page that I want to share with you here.

I run over 70 live labs during the Webinar - that's right, 70 live CCNA labs - and point out vital details that will help you pass the CCNA exam and build the skills you need to become a world-class network administrator!

And what are those labs? Glad you asked - here are just some of them!

Directly Connected Serial Interfaces and Point-to-Point links:

Change the encap from the default of HDLC to PPP

How to detect an encapsulation mismatch – and how to fix it

Configuring PAP and CHAP on a point-to-point link

Debugging PAP and CHAP to detect password mismatches and other connection issues

Configuring a Serial interface to use both PAP and CHAP

PPP multilink and compression options

Frame Relay Labs:

Configuration of Frame Relay on physical interface, multipoint subinterface, and point-to-point subinterfaces, with careful attention paid to which commands are appropriate for each of those interface types

Debugging and showing the Frame Relay LMI to detect and resolve Frame Relay connection issues

Configuring a specific LMI type rather than using LMI Autosense

Enabling and disabling Frame Relay Inverse ARP

Using the frame relay map and frame relay interface-dlci commands

Exploring the “” Frame Relay mapping – what it means and why we should or shouldn’t be concerned

Verifying and troubleshooting Frame Relay map statements

Configuring frame map statements with and without the “broadcast” option – we’ll see what the exact (and slightly misleading) result is

Solving split horizon issues in three different ways, including using frame relay subinterfaces
Viewing BECN, FECN, and DE statistics

Viewing and verifying Frame Relay PVC statistics, and using these statistics to locate Frame Relay problems


Illustrated discussion of the “forward/filter/flood” decision process

Viewing the MAC address table

Changing the aging time for dynamically learned MAC addresses

Testing IP connectivity between hosts in the same VLAN, and then we’ll see what happens when the hosts are placed in different VLANs

Placing ports into VLANs – even VLANs that have not yet been created - and using show vlan commands to verify these settings

Port security configurations, including viewing the default settings, configuring additional secure MAC addresses, changing the violation mode, and viewing the results of a port security violation

How to verify Spanning Tree Protocol statistics and defaults, including identifying root ports, forwarding ports, and blocked ports

Configuring STP timers, including Hello Time and MaxAge

Changing the results of the root bridge election

Changing port speed and duplex settings with the interface range command

Portfast configuration, verification, and proper use

Trunk configuration between two Cisco switches – we’ll see dynamically created trunks and learn how to statically configure one as well

VLAN Trunking Protocol configuration, including viewing the defaults, setting a domain name, setting a password for the VTP domain, and configuring switches in different VTP modes

Watching the VTP Configuration Revision Number in action

Etherchannel configuration – why we configure them, the options and limits for Etherchannels, and their effect on port costs and Spanning Tree Protocol

.. and that doesn't even mention literally dozens of other labs! Head over to my CCNA Mastermind Online Webinar page for the entire list, and reserve your seat today!

There's never been a more important time to earn your Cisco certifications, and I'm ready to do everything I can to help you get there!

To your success,

Chris Bryant
CCIE #12933

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