Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hi Group! :) Welcome back!

It's Saturday, February 28, and here are five new Cisco certification exam tutorials for you!

For you CCENT and CCNA candidates, here's a comprehensive review of the passwords you'll see - or not see - on a typical Cisco router!

CCNA Tutorial: Cisco Router Passwords

Not necessarily limited to BSCI test-takers, here's a tutorial on using authentication with OSPF adjacencies:

OSPF Authentication Configuration

For BCMSN candidates, here's a look at root switch priority - and stick around to the end of this one for an unusual command!

CCNP Tutorial: Root Bridge Election

And for you ISCW and ONT candidates, here are links to the ISCW and ONT Resource Pages, each of which contain links to multiple tutorials on the main site!

CCNP Certification - ISCW Tutorials

Enjoy! And just a reminder, coming up on Monday....

... a brand-new series of Cisco certification practice exam questions, including CCNA Voice and Wireless

... new Cisco training videos begin Monday

... new CCNA Voice tutorials start next week

... and that's enough! :)

See you then, and enjoy those links!

To your success,

Chris Bryant
CCIE #12933

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