Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Aaaaaaaaaaand I'm back... with an all-new CCNP SWITCH and TSHOOT course on Etherchannels!

You future CCENTs and CCNAs should read at least the first two of these.  Great stuff for your exam prep.

Part 1:

CCNP SWITCH Etherchannels:  The Fundamentals

Part 2:

CCNP SWITCH Etherchannels:   PAgP and LACP

Part 3:

CCNP SWITCH Etherchannels:  To XOR Or Not

Part 4: 

CCNP SWITCH Etherchannels:   Troubleshooting Tips

Get started with that and I'll have more CCNP SWITCH material for you right here next week -- and my CCNP SWITCH Study Guide on Amazon is just a click away!

Have a look at the Cisco Press CCNP SWITCH book while you're at it!

Chris B.

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