Thursday, April 25, 2013

Here's another brand-new set of CCNP ROUTE practice exam questions, along with your ROUTE Video Of The Day!

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--  Chris B.

1.  Which of the following protocols require a seed metric to be specified when redistributing routes into them?

A.   RIP version 1

B.   RIP version 2



2.    Each of the following BGP values can be used in the BGP best-path selection process.   For each value, is the preferred value higher or lower?

A.   weight

B.   local preference

C.   AS Path  ( longer / shorter )

D.   MED

3.   Name the three BGP well-known mandatory attributes.

Sorry, no choices with this one!

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And now... the answers!

1. (A,B,C).   You'll need to specify a seed metric for any routes redistributed into EIGRP or either version of RIP.  OSPF has a default seed metric of 20.

2. Going down the list:

Weight:  Higher weight is preferred over lower.

Local pref:  Higher is preferred over lower.

AS Path:  Shorter is preferred over longer.

MED:  Lower is preferred over higher.

3.  The BGP mandatory, well-known attributes are origin, next-hop, and AS_Path.

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