Wednesday, March 16, 2011

More CCNA Practice Exams And Videos Than Ever Before -- And CCNP TShoot Studies Start Today!

Hiya Bulldogs!

Here are some vital CCNA practice exams, Video Practice Exams, and some other great features to help you earn your CCNA.

CCNP links to follow later today, including CCNP TShoot materials ...

... and some Kindle and IPv6 materials are on the way!

Let's get started -- and don't miss this first one!

Six CCNA And CCNP OSPF Training Videos

CCNA And CCNP 3-Minute Boot Camp:  The VLAN.DAT File

CCNA 3-Minute Boot Camp:  Frame Relay Command Confusion

CCNA 3-Minute Boot Camp:  Frame Relay Map

CCNA And CCNP 3-Minute Boot Camp:  OSPF ABR

And here's my new CCNP TShoot Exam Tutorials and Videos page!

More CCNP resources --

CCNP SWITCH (And CCNA) Tutorial: Root Bridge Elections

CCNP ROUTE Training Video:  Spotting Routing Loops

Allow me to be blunt.

My CCNP ROUTE Bulldog Boot Camp DVD is the most powerful tool available to prepare you for CCNP ROUTE success...

... and you can watch the videos online while it's on the way to you.

Get your copy today. 

"Chris, I passed my CCNP ROUTE exam yesterday.  YEAH!!   Thanks for your Devil-Dog quality instruction in your videos.    Each time I watched them I learned a little bit more!" 

--  Jack Boyle, Raleigh, North Carolina

"I can't tell you how much I appreciated this course!"

-- Bob Escamilla, Harrison Township, Michigan

"Wow, Wow, what an enormous amount of material to cover for that exam. You did a great job presenting it. I actually teach the Cisco UCS courses and as an instructor I can really appreciate your excellent delivery."

-- Brett Boss

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