Monday, March 14, 2011

Here are your CCNA and CCNP practice exams for Monday, March 14!

(And the answers I owe you from last week!)

Hiya Bulldogs!

Throughout the day, I'll post new CCNA and CCNP practice exams, plus the answers from Friday's exams.   

So I'll do something unusual here -- and shut up so you can tackle the exams! :)

Enjoy -- and look for my new CCNA and CCNP Practice Exam ebooks, coming to your Kindle in May!

When tech support talks back:

Exam Links:

Today's Exams:

CCNA Practice Exam:  "Where Is It?"

Last Friday's Exams - Now With Answers! 

CCNP SWITCH Exam - Advanced STP  

CCNA Practice Exam - Telnet And SSH

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