Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Warning:  This post is (almost) Cisco-certification free.  Strictly nostalgia and a bit of trivia.   Those seeking only Cisco certification help should scroll down one post. :)

I was chatting with a Bulldog from Winnepeg MB this morning (Angel Castaneda, who just earned his CCNA) when he mentioned that Winnepeg is considered by many to be the Slurpee Capital Of The World.

The Slurpee Capital Of The World.

There's another Canadian city that claims this title - do a quick search on "Slurpee Capital Of The World" and you'll see what I mean.

The reason the entire Slurpee thing struck a chord with me is that when passing a 7-11 yesterday (they're getting kind of rare in Virginia these days; my old 7-11 is now a Martial Arts school), I noticed they were putting Slurpees in Marvel superhero cups as a promotion.

They ran a promotion just like that in the 70s - and as a Marvel Comics fanatic ("True Believer"), it was my duty to get as many of those cups as I could.

I drank a lot of Slurpees that summer.  

So naturally after having this discussion today, I had to go out to eBay and see what they had in old Marvel cups - and among them, I found this:

I'm pretty sure I never got all of those cups.  

(By the way, that part about keeping them out of the dishwasher was really sound advice.)

But I did find it funny that as different as my preteen years are from the kids of today, a superhero Slurpee cup is still a powerful lure. 

To buying Slurpees, that is!

Chris Bryant
CCIE #12933
"The Computer Certification Bulldog"

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Angel Castaneda said...

According to Wikipedia, we've held the honour for 10 years now!

Another source:

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