Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Here are the answers to Tuesday's Cisco practice exam questions!

CCNA / CCENT Certification:

Put the following in order from lowest to highest. (Values have been added to the question along with the overall answer.)

A. OSPF Administrative Distance (110)

B. Number of seconds between LMIs (when all is well) (10)

C. RIP Administrative Distance (120)

D. First octet of a multicast IP address (224)

E. Last octet of the reserved EIGRP multicast address (10)

F. Last octet of the reserved RIPv2 multicast address (9)

Answer: F, B & E (tie), A, C, D.

CCNA Security:

Describe the basic operation of IP Source Guard.

Answer: IP Source Guard uses the DHCP Snooping table to filter out untrusted IP addresses on L2 ports.

CCNA Voice:

(My CCNA Voice Study Package will be released in June!)

Conversion of a signal from analog to digital is a four-step process. Put these four steps in order.

A. Encode

B. Quantize

C. Sample

D. Compress

Answer: C, B, A, D. Compression is optional, the other steps are required.

CCNA Wireless:

Describe "monitor mode" as it applies to a wireless access point.

Answer: When an AP is in monitor mode, it's monitoring for rogue APs. The monitoring process prevents the AP from simultaneously allowing clients to use that particular AP.

The answers to the CCNP questions follow; all CCNP questions that day were short answer, with no choices given.

BSCI Exam:

The EIGRP "reliable" packet types are considered reliable because they use what specific protocol?

Answer: RTP, the Reliable Transport Protocol.


What's the basic purpose of a Switched Virtual Interface?

Answer: An SVI represents a VLAN, and can be assigned an IP address and generally treated and configured like a physical interface.

ISCW Exam:

Describe the basic purpose of SDEE.

Answer: The Security Device Event Exchange (SDEE) is an application-layer protocol specifically designed to carry IPS messages between client and server.

ONT Certification:

A Cisco router has four planes. Name them.

Answer: Control, Management, Data, and Service.

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