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It's Thursday, April 2, and here are the answers to Wednesday's Cisco practice exam questions!

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And now.. the answers to Wednesday's questions ! Look for a new set of practice exam questions later today, and a new Cisco training video right here and on my YouTube Cisco Certification Video channel every single day in April!

CCNA / CCENT Certification:

You've just successfully bundled three separate physical trunks into an Etherchannel. What is the net effect on the overall port cost of these links?

A. The Etherchannel will have a single port cost, and it will be lower than that of the separate links.

B. The Etherchannel will have a single port cost, and it will be higher than that of the separate links.

C. The Etherchannel will have a single port cost roughly equivalent to that of the separate links.

D. Etherchannels do not have port costs.

Answer: A. The Etherchannel will appear in various Cisco switch commands as "port-channel0", and this virtual interface will appear with a lower port cost than the individual switch ports did previous to the bundling.

CCNA Security:

What is the numeric value assigned to the highest devices in an NTP hierarchy?

Answer: Zero, or "stratum zero" to be more precise.

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Which of the following is true of H.323?

A. It's Cisco-proprietary.

B. It's considered a "mature" protocol.

C. It does not support many recent VoIP features.

D. Cisco IP Phones do not support this protocol.

Answers: B, D. H.323 is an industry-standard protocol, not Cisco-proprietary.

CCNA Wireless:

Once a Wireless AP forms an association with a controller, that AP should receive a list of other acceptable controllers. These controllers are collectively referred to as what?

A. mobility group

B. WAP band

C. Oxy Clean

D. Big City Slider Station


Answer: That's an IP Mobility Group.

CCNP Certification Questions:

BSCI Exam: Identify the well-known mandatory BGP attributes.


B. Local Pref

C. Atomic Aggregate

D. Origin

E. Next-Hop

Answers: A, D, E. The well-known mandatory BGP attributes are AS_PATH, origin, and next-hop.


Arrange the following four switching methods in order of speed, fastest to slowest.

A. Fast Switching


C. Process Switching

D. Distributed CEF

Answer: From fastest to slowest: Distributed CEF, CEF, Fast Switching, Process Switching.

ISCW Exam:

You're configuring a VPN with SDM, and you're configuring the Connection Information section. What authentication options will you be presented with?




D. Digital Certificates


Answers: A, D. The choices are Pre-Shared Keys (PSK) and digital certificates.

ONT Exam:

What common term refers to the process of process of assigning the packet a value reflecting the level of QoS it should receive and then placing that packet into a queue in accordance with that level of QoS?

Answer: That's marking and classification.

I'll have another set of Cisco practice exam questions for you later today, and remember - a new Cisco video will be posted every single day in April!

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