Friday, August 01, 2014

Time for a new CCNA practice exam!

The CCNP exams are changing in January 2015!  I'll have a vid up later today with the latest info... right now, let's get to today's EIGRP practice exam!

To warm you up for my new upcoming line of Flash Cards, here are five EIGRP questions in flash card format -- no choices given.  Let's get started!

1.   Of EIGRP, OSPF, and static routing, which does not require the regular exchange of Hello packets in order to operate correctly?

2.  EIGRP's Hold Time is how many times the EIGRP Hello Time?  (Assuming default settings, of course.)

3.   What is the net effect of mismatched EIGRP timers between potential EIGRP neighbors?

A.  Adjacencies cannot form.

B.  Adjacencies may form, but then may enter a pattern of dropping and renewing.

C.  The line protocol will go down.

D.  The physical status of the interface will go down.

4.   What term does EIGRP use to describe the local router's metric for a given path (as opposed to the next-hop router's metric for that same route)?

5.   How many of the EIGRP tables contain "successor routes"?

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Let's get to the answers!

1.   There are no Hello packets involved with static routing, but the correct operation of both OSPF and EIGRP is dependent on the exchange of those packets!

2.   By default, the EIGRP Hold Time is three times the Hello Time.  

3.   "B".  Mismatched EIGRP timers do not necessarily mean the adjacencies can't form, but there's a really good change the adjacencies will flap -- that is, continually go up and down.

4.   In EIGRPLand, the local router's metric for a path is the Feasible Distance. 

5.   Of our three EIGRP tables -- route, topology, and neighbor -- two of them contain successors.

Oh, which ones, you ask?  : )    The route and topology tables.   

That's it for now!   Be sure to grab your free CCNA Security course with that special offer, and I'll see you later today with fresh-baked videos!

Chris B.

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