Monday, July 07, 2014

CCENT And CCNA Flash Card Practice Exam:

Hexadecimal Conversions

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Let's get the ol' Bulldog Brain clicking with this flash card practice exam -- and there's a very special, all-new announcement in bold below the questions and answers.

Be sure to read it.   Let's get started with today's practice exam!

Today's questions deal with an often-overlooked subject on the CCNA and CCENT exams.  Given the hex values below, convert them to decimal.






We'll go through the answers, step-by-step, right after this:

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See you there!   Right now, let's get to today's answers.  A couple of hex reminders....

The letters "A" through "F" represent the decimals 10 - 15, respectively.

The case of the letters doesn't matter.  An upper case "A" and a lower case "a" both represent "10".

That said, let's work through each of these exercises:

The hex value a2 means we have 10 ("a") units of 16, and 2 units of 1.   160 + 2 = 162.

B4 gives us 11 ("b") units of 16 and 4 units of 1.   176 + 4 = 180.

3F represents 3 units of 16 and 15 units of 1.   48 + 15 = 63.

1Ac converts to 1 unit of 256, 10 units of 16, and 12 units of 1.  256 + 160 + 12 = 428.

Finally, 2F1 gives us 2 units of 256, 15 units of 16, and 1 unit of 1.  512 + 240 + 1 = 753.

That's it!  I'll see you later today with two new videos, and as always, I'll see you on YouTube and Udemy!

Chris B.


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,

Is the CCNA exam changing again do you know?

Also, keep up the great work.

Many Thanks


Chris Bryant said...

Hi Stewart!

No changes have been announced and it'll likely be at least 2 more years before they do change it. I just want to assure students of the free updates. : )

Chris B.

Chris Bryant said...

... and that goes for my CCNA Security and CCNP courses as well. :)

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