Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Hey Bulldogs!

Thanks for the great response to the new CCNA / CCNP Command References I've been posting!

I'll have a new one for you on Friday - right now, enjoy these videos from my YouTube Cisco Certification Video Training channel.   

And while you're here, take just a moment to join these free CCNA, CCNP, and CCNA Security courses of mine on Udemy.  I'll see you there!

Free CCNA Video Boot Camp: OSPF

Free CCNA Security Course: CCP (And More!)

Free CCNP ROUTE Course: Advanced OSPF

Chris B.

Here's a CCNA and CCNP QuizLab for you on VTP:

Whether you're working on your CCENT, CCNA, or CCNP, these IP Version 6 Compression Drills will help you get the job done and whip the exam!

Finally, let's play a little "What's This Command?" 

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