Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Here's your CCNA and CCENT Training Post for Wednesday, February 12!

Today's post includes a new practice exam, so let's get right to it!  Weather permitting, I'll post a new video for you on Thursday!

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Let's get to today's Flash Card questions!

1.  This is the new OSPF Dead Time after you change the OSPF Hello Time to 15 seconds.

2.  The default OSPF cost of an Ethernet interface.

3.  If a router is neither the DR nor the BDR for an OSPF broadcast network, it must have this role.

4.  This binary string represents the decimal 145.

Answers right after this important message about your CCENT and CCNA exam success in 2014!

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And now... the answers!

1.  Since the OSPF dead time is 4 times the hello time, that makes the OSPF dead time 60 seconds when the hello time is 15 seconds.

2.   The default OSPF cost of an Ethernet interface is 10.

3.  On an OSPF broadcast network segment, you'll have one DR, one BDR, and all the other routers on the segment are DROTHERs.

4.  The decimal 145 converts to the binary string 10010001.  The 128, 16, and 1 bits are set to one.

TWO new CCENT and CCNA videos coming Thursday, along with more practice exam questions -- see you then, weather permitting!  :)

Chris B.

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