Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Here are your CCNP SWITCH Flash Card Practice Exam Questions for Wednesday, January 22!

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Hi Bulldogs!

Hey, you know that cold I thought was over last week? It wasn't!

So let's restart our 2014 restart with a new set of CCNP SWITCH Flash Card practice exam questions!

I'll give you the description or scenario, and you just follow that with the answer!  Simple as that -- so let's get started!

Chris B.

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1.    You're enabling Uplinkfast on a Cisco switch.  Assuming all other switches in the network are running at their default, what will the priority of the Uplinkfast-enabled switch be?

2.    Of the three layers of the Cisco switching model, at which layers should you enable Uplinkfast?

3.   You're enabling Backbonefast in your Cisco switching network.  Of the three Cisco switching model layers, where does Cisco recommend you run Backbonefast?

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And now... the answers!

1. When you enable Uplinkfast on a Cisco switch, the priority of that switch will zoom ahead to 49,152.

2.  You should enable Uplinkfast only on your access-layer switches.  (You won't be able to enable it on a root switch.)

3.  When it comes to Backbonefast, though, that's an all-or-nothing deal -- you should enable it on all switches in your network.

See you Wednesday afternoon with a new CCNP SWITCH video and Thursday with more practice exam questions!

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