Friday, November 15, 2013

Here's your CCNP SWITCH Training Post for Friday, November 15!

Let's get right to today's practice exam, and later today I'll post a brand-new CCNP SWITCH Video Boot Camp on this important topic!  Today's question is five questions in one.....

Which of the following is true of Uplinkfast?

A.  Used to protect the current root switch from being dethroned

B.  Applies to the native VLAN only

C.  Is recommended for use in the outer two layers of the Cisco 3-Layer Switching Model only

D.  Not recommended for use on root switches

E.  Is enabled on all VLANs on the switch or none at all -- this feature cannot be enabled on a per-VLAN basis.

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And now... the answers!  From top to bottom ---

A is false. Uplinkfast doesn't really have anything to do with protecting the root switch.

B is false, and you'll see why in just a moment.

C is true.  You should use Uplinkfast in the distribution and core layers only - not on access-level switches.

D is true, as you can't enable Uplinkfast on a root switch.

E is true.  When you enable Uplinkfast on a switch, it's enabled for all VLANs on that switch -- not just the native VLAN.

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