Wednesday, July 10, 2013

With the Sept. 30 CCNA and CCENT deadline approaching, I'm seeing the same understandable question in my email and in Twitter over and over....

"Do I still have time to get my CCNA before September 30?"

The short answer: Yes, you do.

Even better, though, is that while you're studying for the exam that expires on Sept. 30 (CCNA 640-802 and CCENT 640-822 expire that day)...

... you're ALSO studying for the new CCNA and CCENT exams!

And no, I'm not kidding!  Look at this list of huge exam topics...

Spanning Tree Protocol

Cisco Switching Fundamentals



Troubleshooting L2 and L3

Networking Models

Routing Fundamentals and Static Routing


WAN Protocols

... that's just a partial list of the topics that appear on both the "old" and "new" exams. 

So even if something happens that prevents you from even taking the current exams before Sept. 30, none of your current study time is wasted!

There is also a huge danger in delaying your studies due to the change, and I see this every time the CCNA exam changes.  Some students will just stop studying, thinking "I'll just wait for the deadline to pass and then concentrate on the new exams" -- and they waste MONTHS of their own career by waiting, and some of them never come back!

My advice to you -- keep studying for the current exams!

Here's another way to cover all your bases for the CCNA deadline:

Every one of the 4400+ students in my CCNA Video Boot Camp are going to get my fully-updated, all-new 200-120 CCNA Video Boot Camp in September - FREE!

Even if you don't get to take the current exam before Sept 30, or you don't pass, you'll have my all-new videos to prep you for the new exam...

... FREE.

And considering you pay only $44, with no additional or monthly charges of any kind for the videos, you're totally covered for the exam changes -- and you get my world-class, one-of-a-kind instruction.

Whether you choose my videos or someone else's, don't put your studies off - keep working, and you'll get the job done!

Chris B.

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Changa G. said...

Captain Bulldog,

Excellent point about not postponing your studies. I don't think most of us even realize that interrupting your studies will just decrease your confidence and possibly your ability to pass the exam. Since Bulldogs will be getting the updates of the exam to study, I feel 1000% better now.

To the Top Bulldogs !!

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