Tuesday, May 07, 2013

It's Tuesday, May 7, and time for a new set of CCNP ROUTE and TSHOOT practice exams - plus a couple of videos I know you'll enjoy!  Let's get to it!

--  Chris B.

1.  Identify the true statements regarding the following command:

area 34 virtual-link 

A.   The "34" is the transit area.

B.   The "34" is illegal; since virtual links connect to area 0, the only valid number there is "0".

C.   "" is the decimal representation of the transit area.

D.   "" is the RID of the local router.

E.   "" is the RID of the remote router.

2.    When you redistribute routes into OSPF, what is the exact routing table code given to those routes?

A.     O

B.   O EX   

C.   O E1

D.   O E2

E.   Not enough information is given to answer the question.

3.   An OSPF total stub router can contain a default route AND what other type of routes?

A.  O EX 

B.  E1 routes

C.  E2 routes 

D.  Intra-area routes

E.  Inter-area routes

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And now... the answers!

1. (A, E).  The area indicated in the virtual-link command is the transit area, and the dotted decimal value is the RID of the remote router.

2.  (D).   Routes redistributed into OSPF are coded "O E2".

3.  (D).  In the routing table of an OSPF total stub router, you can find intra-area routes as well as a default inter-area route.

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