Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Here's a new batch of practice exam questions just for all my future CCENTs out there!

You future CCNAs can peek, too.  : ) 

Let's get to it!

We'll use the following answers for all three questions.  Choose all that apply for each question.

A.  DE









1.  Your frame relay provider would use this acronym to describe the minimum amount of bandwidth available to your network at any particular time.

2.  This is the keepalive in your DTE - DCE communications.

3.  Indicates data that should be dropped first in case congestion dictates that something have to be dropped.

4.  The default encapsulation of a Cisco router serial interface.

The answers right after this brief, important message!

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And now... the answers!

1.  (D).  That's the CIR -- Committed Information Rate.

2.  (E).  The LMI is the keepalive between the DTE and DCE.  

3.  (A).  That's the DE bit - Discard Eligible.

4.  (H).  HDLC is the default encapsulation type for a Cisco router's Serial interfaces.  

Thanks for tackling today's new CCENT practice exam - let's get to today's Video Of The Day, and look for new CCNA questions today, too!

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