Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Let's sharpen your CCENT and CCNA exam skills with this hex conversion practice exam!

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(Future CCNPs, don't feel left out - new exams are on the way for you, too!)

Hi Bulldogs!

Let's get right to this new CCNA and CCENT practice exam!

I'll post five hex values below, and you'll find the answers at the bottom of this blog post.   See you there!

Chris B.

The hex values to convert:






Answers right after this short and important break!

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And now.... the answers!

A7 = 10 units of 16, 7 units of 1 = 167

3E = 3 units of 16, 14 units of 1 = 62

F4 = 15 units of 16, 4 units of 1 =  244

B12 =  11 units of 256, 1 unit of 16, 2 units of 1 = 2834

3c = 3 units of 16, 12 units of 1 = 60

Remember, the case of the letter -- upper or lower -- does not affect the hex value or the conversion.

That's it!  See you later today with a new CCNA video!

Chris Bryant
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