Wednesday, January 16, 2013

There are now over 9000 Bulldogs just like you in my Video Boot Camps on Udemy!

With a new, free CCNA and CCENT course coming in February (along with a free ebook!), now is the time to join the Bulldog Brigade in the march to exam success!

(And thanks for making my CCNA 2013 Video Boot Camp one of Udemy's best-selling courses!)

We're this successful because of YOU!

Here's a full list of my courses on Udemy, followed by a list of my most popular free and almost-free courses!

Come on out and join us today!

Free Courses:

I regularly post new videos in those free courses, usually Quick Quiz videos, so there's always fresh content for you to watch!

Here are direct links to my most popular paid courses:

(Over 50 hours of my world-class CCNP training!)

Over 2300 students already there!

(5 hours available to watch now -- discount ends in the next 2 weeks!)

The certifications your career demands - with the

world-class, affordable training you've come to expect

from The Bryant Advantage.

It's all just one click away - so start clicking! : )

Chris B.

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