Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Here's a brand-new CCNA and CCENT Video Boot Camp for you on Wednesday, January 23...

... and the idea for this huge lab came from one of YOU!   Be sure to read the entire post to see how your idea can make it here, too!

(You'll find CCNP and CCNA Security videos in the blog posts below!)

Hi Bulldogs!

I've got a brand-new CCNA and CCENT Video Boot Camp for you today -- a free 10-minute video on an important exam topic!

This lab was suggested by one of my Twitter followers.. and you can tweet me @ccie12933 to make your suggestions for future labs and videos!

(No emails on this subject, please!)

Thanks for watching, and when you're done here, check out my full list of courses on Udemy.. some free, some paid, and all great!

Chris B.

See you there!

Here's today's new CCNA & CCENT Video Boot Camp!

Get your CCNA in 2013 with my CCNA 2013 Video Boot Camp ---

--- and take it easy on your wallet while supporting our fund drive for the Central Virginia Food Bank!  

Join for just $44 by following that link or clicking this banner!

Over 2400 future CCNAs are already there -- join us right now!

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