Thursday, July 26, 2012

Here's your CCNA Video Of The Day for Thu, July 26!

It's another brand-new Video Practice Exam with plenty of lab work thrown in!

Hi Bulldogs!

I know from experience that OSPF can REALLY make your head spin when you're working on your CCNA.

Here's a new video from my CCNA Video Training channel on YouTube that's packed with important information about OSPF - including a command that's often overlooked.

And if you think you know the answer to the question right away... stick around... there's a great lab in this video, too!

Here's another great lab for you, a full 30-minute video with a great OSPF NBMA lab configuration.

Enjoy the videos and your day, and I'll see you Friday with a new CCNA video!

Chris B.

I was recently named one of Udemy's Top 20 Instructors...

... thanks to you!

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Thanks as always for making TBA part of your CCNA success story!

Chris Bryant
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