Monday, May 21, 2012

I'm Baaaaaack! : ) 

(But Blogger ran into major issues yesterday, so I couldn't post the promised CCNP videos.  Those will be posted today along with new CCNA videos!)

Hi Bulldogs!

Apologies for the weeklong absence --- and it's great to be back!  :)

We've got a lot of great things coming up in the next few weeks, including the debut of my CCNP DVDs and ebooks on -- and my CCNA material is right behind, along with new Security+, Network+, and CCNA Security courses!

Right now, let's get to today's CCNA Tip Of The Day video, and I'll see you CCNP candidates later today with new videos!

And BTW, you don't have to wait for my DVDs to get to Amazon to get free shipping - we're giving that with every purchase right now!

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