Monday, April 09, 2012

Let's take a moment to congratulate these Bulldogs on their CCNA and CCNP passes!

(I've also posted links to help you join them!)

Hi Bulldogs!

I'll have some new videos for you later today, including the first in our new Security+ and Network+ Video Boot Camp series!

Right now, let's congratulate these Bulldogs on their CCNA and CCNP passes!

First, some new CCENTs and CCNAs...

Chris Pelfrey -- Adairsville, Georgia 

Patrick Cameron -- Nashville, Tennessee

Altaf Mosa -- London, England

Craig Halsey -- Portsmouth, UK 

Jeff Robertson -- Arlington Heights, Illinois

Peter Dallas -- Menlo Park, California

Gwen Key -- Gonzales, Louisiana

Jason Henderson -- Middletown, NY  (who says "Your binary lessons were the best I've seen!"  Thanks so much, Jason!)

Hank Liu -- Raleigh, North Carolina (congratulations on your Cisco internship, Hank!)

Those are just a few of the Bulldogs nailing their CCNA and CCENT exams - and if you're working on those exams right now (or even just thinking about it), here are some free resources on my website to help you get the job done, along with a video or five!

CCNA OSPF Video Boot Camp ( Hosted on

You can also watch the first 70 minutes of my OSPF section in my CCNA Video Boot Camp - and there's some great hardcore lab section in that free content!

Just click this link and head to the OSPF section!

CiscoSwitching follows me on Twitter.  So should you!

Daily links to practice exams, new videos, and exam tips!

And congratulations to these CCNP Exam Passers Deluxe!

Nelson Pereira of Bronx, New York passed TSHOOT to finish his CCNP...

Twitter friend "David1252" has also finished his CCNP!

Stason Slappy of Marietta, Georgia recently nailed the CCNP ROUTE exam..

Michael Dunosky of San Jose, California passed TSHOOT recently to warp up his CCNP!

There are over 100 free tutorials, practice exams, and videos on these three pages to help you earn CCNP they are, along with a video or three!

... and you can watch a full and free hour of any of my CCNP DVDs by following these links.   Enjoy!

Thanks for making TBA part of your CCNA and CCNP success story!

Chris Bryant
CCIE #12933
"The Computer Certification Bulldog"

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