Monday, April 23, 2012

It's the biggest news to hit the CCNA in years:

You now get a free Hard Copy of my CCNA Bulldog Study Guide when you sign up for my CCNA Video Boot Camp!

You'll be able to access ALL of the videos and book contents online immediately!

(There's also a new CCNP Video Boot Camp in this post - and a new CCNA Lab Video, too!)

Hi Bulldogs!

After I extended our CCNP Video Boot Camps to include a free hard copy study guide, I immediately heard from a LOT of future CCNAs out there who want the same deal with their CCNA studies.

So here it is:

Get a free hard copy of my CCNA Bulldog Study Guide with enrollment in my popular CCNA Video Boot Camp!

And if you don't want the hard copy - we'll give you a $30 discount on the already-low price!

It's TBA's mission to make world-class CCNA and CCNP education as affordable as possible --

-- and I know you'll agree we've done just that with this offer.

(And thanks to our printer and service providers for making it possible!)

We're also going to make getting your Security+, Network+, and CCNA Security certifications just as affordable later this year.

Right now, let's get started on your CCNA!

You MUST order from the following page to get your free book or discount!

And here's today's new CCNA video - CCNP info to follow!

You can now get a free hard copy of a CCNP Bulldog Study Guide with any DVD purchase!

... and best of all, you can get all three of my CCNP DVDs for just $199, and my CCNP DVD/Hard Copy Study Guide Bundle for just $297!

That includes free shipping on the bundles to any US or APO address!

Click these links and place your order!  These offers ALSO include immediate online access - so you'll spend less money and be preparing for CCNP success in just minutes!

Here's a new CCNP ROUTE video for you - and I'll have more new videos for you later today.

Let's get to work!

Chris Bryant
CCIE #12933
"The Computer Certification Bulldog"

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