Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Here are the latest CCNA and CCNP Video Boot Camps I've created to help you earn these certifications...

... and you can still get a free hard copy of my CCNP Study Guides!  Read on to find out how!

(And thanks for 6,000 subscriptions to my YouTube Computer Certification Channel!)

Hi Bulldogs!

We're passing 6,000 subscriptions to my YouTube channel today - thanks for making it all possible!

Here are the latest four videos I've created for all future CCNAs and CCNPs!

Here's a CCNA video on the importance of order!  

Order of what, you say?  Watch the vid and find out!

Here's another new CCNA video for you - "It's Bootin' Time!"

Now for you CCNPers!

I have some new SWITCH videos on the way -- right now, let's hit the ROUTE exam with these two videos!

(For plenty of CCNP SWITCH tutorials, just click that link!)

You can now get a free hard copy of a CCNP Bulldog Study Guide with any DVD purchase!

Just click the link or the DVD case and get yours today - and you can start studying immediately with online access!

... and best of all, you can get all three of my CCNP DVDs for just $199, and my CCNP DVD/Hard Copy Study Guide Bundle for just $297!

Click these links and place your order!  These offers ALSO include immediate online access - so you'll spend less money and be preparing for CCNP success in just minutes!

Here's another new CCNP ROUTE video for you - and dozens of additional CCNP ROUTE tutorials are just a click away, as are CCNP TSHOOT videos!

Chris Bryant
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"The Computer Certification Bulldog"

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