Monday, November 22, 2010

Here's Your Chance To Win A 30-Day CCNA On-Demand Boot Camp!

Now Aren't You Glad You Came Here Today?  :)

(Just added CCNP SWITCH and CCNP ROUTE practice exams!)

Hiya Bulldogs!

Today's CCNA practice exam is doubling as a contest - and the winner receives a 30-day membership in my CCNA On-Demand Boot Camp!

If you already have a membership - and you should! - I'll add 30 days to your account if you're the winner.

Just click this link for the very few details and the questions, and I'll see you later today with some CCNP practice exams!

CCNA Practice Exam And Contest:  WAN Services

Here's a new practice exam for you CCNP SWITCH students...

CCNP SWITCH Practice Exam:  HSRP

... and for you CCNP ROUTErs!

CCNP ROUTE Practice Exam:  EIGRP (Exam #2)

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