Monday, July 19, 2010

Full Speed Ahead!

Hiya Bulldogs!

It's Full Speed Ahead here at TBA, as many of you are working on beating the July 31 CCNP buzzer - and even more of you are studying away for your CCNA while others rest!

And if you're resting, that's okay.  Just don't rust - don't abandon your studies for the summer.  Keep your momentum!

To help you hit both your CCNA and CCNP goals, I've posted several new CCNA Summer School session links below...

... and I've made sure these cover two topics that really confuse many CCNA candidates.  You CCNPers should read these, too.

Those are coming up later in this post - but take just a moment to read the rest of this post before heading to the links.

Starting Tuesday, I'll post new CCNP SWITCH exam tutorials and videos as we continue the countdown to the August 30 release of our CCNP SWITCH DVD and Study Guide!

And on that subject... some of you have asked why I moved the deadline back a bit on the CCNP SWITCH material.

I had planned on releasing both the DVD and Study Guide here at the end of July, but I started hearing from more than one person that the Cisco blueprint and early CCNP SWITCH Study Guides seemed to be more than a little incomplete.

And this wasn't just the usual scuttlebutt - this was one blogger after another who said the early materials were woefully incomplete, particularly when it came to network design.

So rather than release potentially incomplete study materials - something I've never done and never will do - I decided to postpone the release of the CCNP SWITCH materials until the week of August 30 while I looked into the later Cisco materials for that exam.

I'll just say this - I'm glad I waited.  :)

I'm also very pleased that those of you who have taken advantage of the CCNP SWITCH Study Guide preorder offers (free shipping and big discounts) understood the situation and have been very patient in waiting.

The wait is over on August 30...

.... and right now, it's full speed ahead on that material as well as the CCNP ROUTE and CCNP TSHOOT DVD and Study Guide!

I also have an exclusive CCNA training opportunity coming for you ....

... a training opportunity that has never been offered by any company, any time.  It's truly unique.  And truly successful.

That's coming later this year as well. 

My friends, thanks again for supporting TBA.  You Bulldogs make us the success story we are - and the best of 2010 is truly yet to come.

Just watch.

Let's get to the CCNA Summer School links for today!

Here are two links that every CCNA and CCNP candidate out there needs to follow - two complex topics that I'll make very simple for you.

CCNA Exam Tutorial: OSPF Hub-And-Spoke Networks

Cisco Exam Tutorial: The ip default-network command

And here are two more for you...

CCNA Exam Tutorial:  Prefix Notation

CCNA Exam: Router Passwords

More on Tuesday!

Chris Bryant
CCIE #12933
"The Computer Certification Bulldog"

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