Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hi Bulldogs!

I'll have new CCNA and CCNP study materials here on the blog Monday - and in the meantime, we have over 400 videos and tutorials on the site ready now to help you on the road to CCNA and CCNP exam success!

With that many videos and tutorials, I know it's easy to miss something that just might help you pass the exam - so later in this blog post, you'll find a detailed list of links to our tutorials that will help you find just the right one for you!

Before we get to those links, I need your input.

We're going to start releasing our CCNP Study Packages in late May - and we're pleased to announce those will include hard copies of our materials as well as On-Demand Streaming Video courses *and* our new line of Bulldog Video Boot Camp DVDs!

(And some other features I can't tell you about.   Yet.  Heh heh heh.)

We had planned to begin with the ROUTE exam, but over the last week I've heard from a *lot* of you who have the BSCI out of the way on the current track and want to see the SWITCH material come out first.

Here at TBA, every Bulldog has a voice (or bark!), so right now I need to hear from you.

Would you rather see the SWITCH material come out next month, or the ROUTE material?  

Take five minutes to send an email to and let me know.   We obviously need to make this decision very soon, so send that email now, would you?  :)

And while you send that email, I'll get those links posted here.  Just scroll down for those, and enjoy your day!

Chris Bryant
CCIE #12933
"The Computer Certification Bulldog"


Static routing and floating static routes are all over both the CCNA and CCNP exam - and here's a free Video Tutorial and Video Practice Exam on static routing:

CCNA / CCNP Videos:  Static Routing

To help you master those tricky little "floating" static routes, here's a three-part Video Tutorial:

CCNA / CCNP Videos:  Floating Static Routes

Can't get enough CCENT and CCNA practice exams?  Here's a link to one of the site's most popular pages, and no wonder -- you'll find over 50 CCNA and CCENT practice exams there!

CCNA And CCENT Practice Exams

We also have over 100 fully-illustrated CCNA and CCENT tutorials ready for you!   We've divided these into Layer 2 and Layer 3 topics - enjoy!

CCNA And CCENT Tutorials:  Layer 2

CCNA And CCENT Tutorials:  Layer 3

Many CCNA (and CCNP!) candidates trip up on the details of Etherchannels - so to help you master this topic and get certified, here's my famous Etherchannel Video Boot Camp!

CCNA Video:  Etherchannel Video Boot Camp

For even more videos, including our new line of CCNA 3-Minute Tutorials, visit our YouTube Cisco Certification Channel -  over 1800 NA and NP candidates just like you have already subscribed, and we're nearing the 400,000-view mark!

CCNA And CCNP Training Videos On YouTube

Recently, we posted a new batch of CCNA Security tutorials to go along with our exclusive $20 CCNA Security certification offer - visit this page and make sure you didn't miss one!

CCNA Security Tutorials

Now for you CCNP candidates -- you have plenty of time to get the BSCI / BCMSN / ISCW / ONT track finished!

If you're just getting started with your NP studies, though, I recommend you watch the videos posted on these pages before getting started....

CCNP ROUTE Tutorials And Videos

CCNP SWITCH Tutorials And Videos

.. and there are literally dozens of tutorials and videos on the following pages to help you pass the CCNP exam you're studying for!

CCNP BSCI Tutorials

CCNP BCMSN Tutorials

CCNP ONT Tutorials



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