Thursday, August 06, 2009

Hi Group!

It's Thursday, August 6, and the first thing to get done today is to catch up on some Cisco and Network+ 2009 practice exams!

Here's the first set, and I'll post some others in just a few minutes. Answers for all sets will be posted later today along with a brand-new set of CCNA practice exam questions, a new CCNA training video, and anything else we can think of! :)

As always, thanks for making The Bryant Advantage a big part of your certification studies!

Chris Bryant
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All of today's questions are short answer. Enjoy!

Question 1:

What value does a Cisco switch use to dynamically build a MAC address table?

Question 2:

What's the default STP port cost for a Fast Ethernet port?

Question 3:

If two switches have the same priority, what value will decide which switch becomes the root bridge?

Question 4:

Define the purpose of "ISL" and "dot1q", and give two major differences between them.

Question 5:

Creating an Etherchannel also creates a virtual interface that represents the Etherchannel. What's the name of that interface?

Answers right here later today!

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