Monday, June 01, 2009

Here are the answers to the Cisco practice exam questions posted here this past Saturday!

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CCNA / CCENT Certification:

Two switches are connected via four crossover cables. Trunks have formed and there is no Etherchannel. How many of the eight ports involved in the trunks will be in forwarding mode, assuming one is the root switch for the network?

Answer: Five. All four ports on the root switch will be in forwarding mode, and only one on the non-root switch.

CCNA Security:

Name four of the six available AAA Accounting modes and briefly describe each.

Here's a brief look at each category and what accounting information can be recorded.

Commands: Information regarding EXEC mode commands issued by a user.

Connection: Information regarding all outbound connections made from network access server. Includes Telnet and rlogin.

EXEC: Information about user EXEC terminal sessions.

Network: Information regarding all PPP, ARAP, and SLIP sessions.

Resource: Information regarding start and stop records for calls passing authentication, and stop records for calls that fail authentication.

System: Non-user-related system-level events are recorded.

And now, the answers to the CCNP questions....

BSCI Exam:

By default, what code is assigned to a route learned by an OSPF process via redistribution?

Answer: O E2.


When running dot1x port-based authentication, three protocols or traffic types can pass through the port regardless of the authentication status. Name all three.

Answer: EAPOL, STP, and CDP.

ISCW Exam:

Name the three major components of the Cisco IOS Firewall Feature Set.

Answer: The IOS Firewall, the Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), and the Authentication Proxy

ONT Exam:

By default, a router reserves what percentage of available bandwidth for routing protocol and network control traffic?

Answer: 25%.

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