Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Hey Bulldogs!

While we're getting the new site ready for next month's launch, we're also doing some housekeeping on the current site....

... and with that in mind, here are five VERY helpful CCNA / CCNP videos and tutorials over on the main page that you might have missed.  (It's easy to so do, believe me!)   

Dig in, and I'll see you throughout this week with more of these links and at least two new Pop Quiz videos!

CCNA And CCENT Tutorial: The OSI Model

Taking Your First Computer Certification Exam -- What To Know

CCNA And CCENT Video:  Access Control Lists

CCNA And CCENT Video:  Frame Relay Tips

Erasing Cisco Router Configurations -- The RIGHT Way!

See you later today with more!

Chris B.

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