Monday, August 18, 2014

Bulldogs, thanks for making yours truly the #1 instructor on Udemy!

With over 8,000 instructors, that's a great honor, and I'm very appreciative.   

They've been kind enough to set up a new page where you can find all of my free and almost-free courses -- head on over and sign up for a few!

(Try saying that five times really, really fast.)

Here are some direct links to my more popular courses, including the two 10th Anniversary Specials we're running right now.   See you there, and again -- thank you!

CCNA Video Boot Camp with free CCNA Security Video Boot Camp

Already a CCNA?  Get my CCNA Security Video Boot Camp by itself for just $10 this month....

... and I guarantee you'll finish your CCNP by January 30, 2015 with my CCNP R&S All-In-One Video Boot Camp, or you get the updated CCNP courses FREE!

Chris B.

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