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Time for a CCNP SWITCH and TSHOOT practice exam question and discussion!

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Today's question isn't specific to a particular protocol, but it does cover a VERY important real-world situation.

Today's Topic:  "Beep Repaired"

1.  Here's a small and important segment of config from a Cisco switch.  Look it over and then tell me which of the statements below it are true.

Assume the switch supports only the industry standard trunking protocol, and not any Cisco-proprietary trunking protocol.

interface fastethernet 0/1
     switchport mode trunk
     switchport trunk native vlan 10

A.  Every frame that goes through this trunk will be encapsulated.

B.  The native VLAN default has been changed.

C.  Only frames tagged for VLAN 1 will be encapsulated.

D.  The command involving the native VLAN is resetting that value to the Cisco switch default.

E.  All of the above statements are false.

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Now let's take a look at each of the answers and discuss their rightness -- or wrongness!

A -- False.   The question mentioned that we're using the industry standard trunking protocol, and that means we're using dot1q.  

Dot1q doesn't totally encapsulate any frames; rather, all frames destined for a VLAN other than the native VLAN have a header placed on them ("tagged").  That results in much less overhead than the Cisco-proprietary trunking protocol ISL.  Frames destined for the native VLAN don't even have that small header placed on them, so there's no additional overhead.

B --  True.  The native VLAN on a Cisco switch is VLAN 1, and that command changes the native VLAN to VLAN 10.

C --  False.  With dot1q, no frames are encapsulated.

D --  False.  As we saw earlier, VLAN 1 is the default VLAN.

E --  Obviously false.  : ) 

Thanks for tackling today's practice exam question!

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Chris B.


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