Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Here's your CCNP SWITCH Training Post for Tuesday, April 8!

A new practice exam, a great Video Boot Camp, AND the launch of our Spring 2014 Fund Drive for the Central Virginia FoodBank!

Hi Bulldogs!

Before we get to today's CCNP SWITCH training, just a quick word about our Spring 2014 FoodBank Fund Drive....

... our goal is to donate enough money to the Central Virginia Food Bank this summer to serve 50,000 meals.

That's right. 50,000 meals.  

To do that, we're donating the following:

20 meals for every CCNP SWITCH Video Boot Camp signup

50 meals for every CCNP All-In-One Video Boot Camp signup

100 meals for every CCNP Ultimate Study Package purchase

That makes today a great time to earn your CCNP and help feed the hungry at the same time.

Click those links today, and right now, let's get started with today's training!

Today's CCNP SWITCH practice exam:

1.  When does the overall STP root path cost increment?

A.  As a BPDU arrives on a switchport

B.  That value increments as the BPDU leaves a switchport

C. Both A and B

D.  Neither A not B

2.   You have Root Guard enabled on a Cisco switch port.  An inferior BPDU just arrived on that same port. Which of the following best describes what happens next?

A.  The switch goes into lockdown mode.

B.  The port receiving the BPDU will enter err-disabled state.

C.  There will be no effect.

D.  The switch will send a BPDU Query via the port that received the inferior BPDU.

Speaking of Root Guard, here's a video on that very subject -- watch it after you check out today's answers below!

And now.. the answers!

1.  (A).  This is one of those pits that seems like it's not worth picking, but you will be VERY happy on test day when you remember this one.   The overall root path cost carried by a BPDU increments as it enters the switch, not as it arrives.

2.  (C).  Yes, I have asked this in another form recently. :)   With Root Guard, no action is taken when an inferior BPDU comes in.

However, a superior BPDU is a horse of a different color.   A superior BPDU will cause the receiving port to go into root-inconsistent state.

Thanks for coming by today, and for making The Bryant Advantage part of your success!

Chris B.

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"All of the Bryant Advantage Material is First Class!"

-- Richard Maltas, Amazon Customer

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