Thursday, April 03, 2014

Here's your CCNP SWITCH Training Post for Thursday, April 3!

There's a new practice exam and a whopping 27-minute free Video Boot Camp for you!

Hi Bulldogs!

Let's get to today's new practice exam, and we'll follow that with two great Video Boot Camps!

1.  A Cisco switch sends VLAN Trunking Protocol advertisements out which particular kind of port or ports?

A.  All the switch ports, since the VTP ads are broadcasts.

B.  Any ports that are trunking, but that's it.

C.  Every port, because VTP ads are multicasts.

D.  Any non-trunking ports.

2.   A Cisco switch has a VTP revision number of 15.   That switch then receives a VTP advertisement with a revision number of 29.  Which of the following will the switch do?

A.  Accept it and change its revision number to 29.

B.  Reject it entirely and take no action to the revision number.

C.  The switch will accept the ad and retain its original revision number.

D.  The switch will reject the ad and change its revision number to the highest of the two values involved.

3.   Of ROM, RAM, Flash, and NVRAM, where is the VTP revision number stored?

The answers right after this brief, important message!

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See you there!  -- Chris B.

And now.. the answers!

1.  (C).   VTP ads are multicast across trunk ports.  There's no reason for hosts connected to access ports to receive them.

2.  (A).  The higher revision number takes precedence, and the receiving switch will change its revision number to the higher number.

3.   The VTP revision number is stored in NVRAM.

To wrap up today's post, here's the latest CCNP SWITCH video I've created for you -- and I'll have another new one for you on Friday.  See you then, and in my CCNP Video Boot Camps!

Chris B.

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