Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Happy BGP Day Again! :)

I suppose this is a combination of Groundhog Day and BGP Day!

Let's jump into a BGP practice exam and go from there in your CCNP ROUTE and TSHOOT Training Post for Tuesday, April 8!

1.  Short answer: Name those well-known BGP attributes!

2.  True or false for each of the following statements:

BGP uses the same logical grouping concept as OSPF does.

BGP uses TCP port 179 to form and maintain adjacencies.

The AS_PATH BGP attribute is a well-known discretionary attribute.

3.   You note the BGP Origin attribute of a given route is a question mark.  Tell me briefly what this indicates and what the most likely source of that route is.

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1.   The BGP well-known attributes are origin, next-hop, and AS_PATH.

2.  The first statement is false; BGP and EIGRP both use Autonomous Systems, but OSPF does not.

The second statement is true; TCP port 179 is the magic port for BGP neighbor adjacencies.

The third statement is false; AS_PATH is a well-known mandatory attribute, not a discretionary one.

3.  If the BGP Origin attribute is a question mark, that means the exact source of the route is unknown.  Most likely, this route was learned via route redistribution!

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