Monday, March 10, 2014

Here's your CCNA and CCENT Training Post for Sunday, Mar 9!

Let's hit today's practice exam on Telnet and SSH first!  

1.  A user just connected to your Cisco router via Telnet.  Assuming all default settings, what operational mode is that user in right now?

2.   What command will disable your the inactivity timer on a Cisco router's console port?

3.  It's a great idea to be able to telnet to your switch's management interface. By default, what interface is that?

4.  We'll wrap up with a multiple choice question.  Which of the following commands are required at minimum for a successful Telnet configuration?

A.  login

B.  priv level 15

C.  password

D.  logging synchronous

Answers coming right up --  right after you click these links! :)

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Now let's hit those answers and hope they don't hit back! 

1.  By default, the user's in user exec mode.  If you want them to be able to enter privileged exec mode, you'll need to ... well, watch the video I post here Monday afternoon to see that in action on live Cisco routers!

2.  That's the exec-timeout 0 0 command.  Those are two zeroes, not two "O"s. :)

3.   Your Cisco switch management interface is VLAN1.

4.   A, C.   At the very least, you'll need the login and password commands configured on your VTY lines.  The other commands are helpful, but optional.

Thanks for tackling today's practice exam, and I'll see you Monday afternoon with a new CCNA / CCENT Video Boot Camp!

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