Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Here's your CCNA and CCENT Training Post for Monday, Mar 3!

I've posted the latest CCNA and CCENT Video Boot Camps here for you, and there's a new practice exam ready for you, too.  

Let's get to it!

Now on to today's practice exam!

1.  When an EIGRP route is usable and is not currently being recalculated, what code do you expect to see next to that route in the topology table?

A.  D

B.  D EX

C.  E

D.  P

(Looks like an eye chart, doesn't it?)

2.   By default, how many secure MAC addresses does Port Security allow a port to have?

Bonus: If that answer is non-zero, tell me how the switch determines what address or addresses should be considered secure.

3.   Convert the hex value 9F to decimal.

Answers coming right up --  right after you click these links! :)

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Now let's hit those answers and hope they don't hit back! 

1.  (C).  Watch this one -- the Topology table will not have "D" or "D EX" next to any EIGRP routes.  That's in the Route table.  Routes that are ready for use are marked with "P" for Passive in the Topology table.

2.   Port security will allow a port one secure MAC address by default, and if you do not configure a static secure address, the next source address learned on that port will be considered the secure MAC address.

3.   The hex value 9F means we have 9 units of 16 and 15 units of 1.  144 + 15 = 159.

Check back in this post Tuesday for a new video, and another Training Post to help you get CCNA and CCENT certified!

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