Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Here's your CCNP ROUTE and TSHOOT Training Post for Tuesday, February 25!

Today's post includes a new practice exam AND a video on one of the subjects in the practice exam!

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Let's get to today's questions!   All of today's Qs are in Flash Card format -- no choices given!

1 and 2:    When EIGRP loses a successor route and it doesn't have a feasible successor immediately at hand, it does a couple of things.   One of them is changing the letter next to that route in the Topology table.

What letter would you expect to see next to the route in the Topology table before it was lost, and then while EIGRP's looking for a replacement for that lost route?

3.   Here's a message that can send chills through the bravest of network admins: "OSPF Process 1 Cannot Start".   After your heart comes back up from your feet, what's the first thing you should do to resolve this issue?

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And now... the answers shall be revealed!

1 and 2.   Stable EIGRP routes are marked with a "P" for Passive in the EIGRP Topology table.     When a route is lost and no feasible successor is available, EIGRP will send DUAL queries in an attempt to find a substitute for the route.  While that's going on, the route will be marked "A" for Active.

3.   That's a bad message, but it usually has a simple fix.   That just means you don't have an interface with an IP address up and running.  The message should actually indicate that.

See you Wednesday with another new practice exam!   Right now, here's a video from my YouTube channel that'll get you even closer to passing ROUTE and TSHOOT!

Chris B.

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