Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Here's your CCNA and CCENT Training Post for Tuesday, February 18!

If you missed yesterday's all-new Video Boot Camp, you're in luck -- I've included it in this post.  It's the first video you'll see as you scroll down.

Today's practice exam is in Flash Card mode -- no choices given.  It's just a small taste of my all-new CCNA And CCENT Online Flash Cards & Study Notes,  coming in about 60 days to TBA!

I'll see you Wednesday with a new exam and a brand-new video!

1.   These are the default OSPF hello and dead timers you'll find on interfaces that are part of an OSPF Broadcast network.

2.    Several networking protocols and services have more than one name, and the OSPF algorithm is no exception.    Tell me what both of them are.

3.    The mask that would match any preceding address in an OSPF network command.

4.    The mask that would match only the address specifically named in an OSPF network command.

Answers right after this -- and don't skip this!  :)

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Let's get to those answers!

1.  Your default OSPF Hello and Dead timers on an interface that is part of an OSPF Broadcast network will be 10 and 40 seconds, respectively.

2.   The OSPF algorithm is known as the SPF algorithm as well as the Dijkstra algorithm.

3.  If you want to match any address in an OSPF network command, use the wildcard mask -- and remember, this is a wildcard mask!

4.  To match only the specific address mentioned in the network command, use the wildcard mask

I'll have a bonus video on that right here on Wednesday!  Right now, have a look at my wildly popular CCNA and CCENT Study Guides while I get busy on that video!

Chris B.

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