Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Here's your CCNP SWITCH Training Post for Tuesday, Feb. 18!

Today's Post includes an all-new CCNP SWITCH practice exam, along with a free copy of the most popular CCNP SWITCH Video Boot Camp I've ever posted!

I need a couple of reminders, and I'm depending on you to help me out here. ....

1.    You know that whole thing where the STP root path cost increments as the BPDU travels through the switched network?

Yeah, me too.  But remind me -- does that cost increment as the BPDU arrives at a port, or as it leaves?

2.    You know the differences between Uplinkfast and Backbonefast, right?   

Right!  Well, help me out here -- which one of those can you enable on a root switch?

3.    We got those guards too, you know.   Root Guard, Right Guard, BPDU Guard.....

... okay, Right Guard likely won't be on your test.  But what exactly happens when you enable Root Guard on a port and it receives an inferior BPDU?

Let's check your answers right after this brief, important message!

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Get it, then pass your CCNP SWITCH exam!   It really is that simple!

1.  The STP path cost increments as the BPDU enters the switch.  A small detail, and NOT an insignificant one.  (Thank  me later.)

2.  You can enable Backbonefast on a root switch, but not Uplinkfast.

3.  BPDU Guard will not do anything when an inferior BPDU arrives on a port.  When a superior BPDU arrives on a port, though, that port will be put into port-inconsistent mode.

Now that you're warmed up, tackle this huge CCNP SWITCH Video Boot Camp, and I'll see you Wednesday with another new practice exam and video!

Always Be Passing!

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