Sunday, February 16, 2014

Here are your CCNP SWITCH Practice Exam Questions for Sunday, February 16!

We're hitting some important fundamentals today... let's get right to it!

1.    Given the following values on a given Cisco switch, what will the switch's Bridge ID be?

MAC address:  11-aa-22-33-bb-cc

IP address on interface VLAN 1: /24

Switch is using default bridge election priority

Switch is also using default STP timers

2.    Speaking of those STP timers -- you just changed the FWD_DEL value on a switch.   Which STP timers will be affected by that change?

3.    Don't forget your hex conversions from your CCNA studies!  On that topic, convert the hex value 3a8 to decimal.

Answers right after this quick, important message!

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And now... the answers!

Question 1:  Of those four values, only two matter when it comes to the Bridge ID (BID) -- the MAC address and the switch's priority.

We were given the MAC address, and since the switch is using the default priority, we know that's 32768.  Just put the priority in front of the MAC address and you're gold!

In this case, that's 32768:11-aa-22-33-bb-cc.

2.  The Forward Delay timer determines the length of the listening and learning stages.

3.  The hex value 3a8 breaks down to 3 units of 256, 10 units of 16, and 8 units of 1.

768 +  160 +   8 =  936.

See you Saturday with another new practice exam!

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