Thursday, January 16, 2014

It's January 15, and time for everyone to get back to their studies!  : ) 

Here's a new set of CCENT and CCNA Flash Card practice exam questions for you, and I'll have another new set for you on Thursday.

As soon as my voice finishes recovering from the nasty cold that everyone on the East Coast seems to have, I'll have a new series of videos for you, too!

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Let's get to today's Flash Card questions!

1.  The administrative distance of a route learned by EIGRP via route redistribution.

2.  The hex equivalent of the binary string 11110011.

3.  The IP routing table code of the route type mentioned in Question 1.

4.  The binary string that represents the decimal 47.

Answers right after this important message about your CCENT and CCNA exam success in 2014!

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And now... the answers!

1.  This is an EIGRP External route, and it has an AD of 170.  (EIGRP Internal routes have an AD of 90.)

2.   In decimal, that binary string is 243.  In hex, which is what the question asked for, it's F3  (15 units of 16, 3 units of 1).

3.  EIGRP External routes have the IP routing table code "D EX".

4.  The decimal 47 converts to 00101111.

TWO new CCENT and CCNA videos coming Thursday, along with more practice exam questions -- see you then!

Chris B.

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