Wednesday, January 22, 2014

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It's January 22, and now that my cold may FINALLY be gone, we can get back to daily Training Posts!

Here's your CCNP ROUTE and TSHOOT Training Post for today. There's a new set of Flash Card practice exam questions here now, and a new video will be posted later today!

I've also posted a three-part Video Boot Camp on floating static routes that I know you'll enjoy.

Let's get started!

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Let's hit today's questions!

1.  You're creating a floating static route that should appear in your IP routing table only if the matching RIP route disappears.  What is the smallest administrative distance you can use for this route to make this happen?

2.  You'd like to run ODR.  What non-routing protocol must be running in order to successfully enable ODR?

3.  Describe the circumstances under which an EIGRP AS will automatically redistribute routes with another EIGRP AS on that same router (if any).

Answers right after this brief, important message -- especially for those of you who want your CCNP in 2014!

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Let's check out the answers!

1.  Since RIP's AD is 120, your floating static route should have an AD of at least 121.

2.  To successfully run our old pal ODR, you must first have Cisco Discovery Protocol running.

3.  Under no circumstances will an EIGRP AS automatically redistribute routes with another EIGRP AS on that same router.

From my YouTube CCNP ROUTE training channel, here's a three-part Video Boot Camp on floating static routes.   Dig in, and I'll see you later today with more!

Chris B.


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